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G2 eSports signs former Titan CS:GO Team

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About three weeks ago Titan closed their doors for good on eSports, leaving a rising CS:GO team who were left to pick up the pieces after the cheating scandal. Titan mentioned in their good byes that they would still assist their CS:GO team in finding a new home. And finally they’ve found solace in G2 eSports, who coincidently have a bit of cash to throw around after they swindled FaZe out of $700,000 for the former lineup.

While not much has surfaced on the FaZe Clan acquisition, G2 now open their doors to one of France’s top CS:GO lineups, one which is famous world wide. The team consists of:

  • Kevin “Ex6tenz” Droolans
  • Cédric “RPK” Guipouy
  • Richard “Shox” papillon
  • Edouard “Smithzz” Dubourdeaux
  • Adil “Scream” Benrlitom
  • Jérôme “NiaK” Sudries (coach/manager)

Titan’s CS:GO squad have always been their pride and glory, which inevitably brought about their demise after one of their players was caught by Valve’s Anti Cheat system in 2014. This left a void in Titan, and as I mentioned played a major role in their financial downfall and inevitable close. Near the end of Titan’s days they managed to bounce back as the lineup you see above began to rise once again. Unfortunately as Titan closed this team was left out as a free agent only to be picked up by G2 eSports, who had just sold their lineup to FaZe Clan for a questionable $700,000. It’s safe to say that this lineup won’t face any familiar financial struggles they saw in Titan.

The new team will make their debut as G2 at the Game Show Global eSports Cup Finals this weekend, and G2 seem confident with their new lineup.

“This group of passionate, skillful and professional players and managers is determined to get back to the top. We have no doubts that they will achieve their goals and we will throw all our energy and support behind them,” said G2’s Chief Gaming Officer, Jakub “Lothar” Szygulski in comment to The Daily Dot.

Their aim is simple, to rise to former glory outside the unfortunate tagline which came with Titan. Near their end of days Titan struggled to shake their reputation after harboring a cheater for some time. This unfortunately stuck with them as a team, regardless of lineup changes. Under new management the team will shake any bad omens they may have had and rejoin the rankings as one of the best CS:GO lineups around. Their mix of talent will speak volumes with players such as Smithzz, Scream and Shox in the lineup. The three veterans have long held relationships in the French CS:GO scene, and now their aim to take on their biggest rivals, Team EnvyUs, and regain their top spot in France.

For me, personally, their most interesting match up will be against former G2 (now FaZe Clan), but we may have to wait for MLG Columbus to see if both teams make it through the offline qualifier.

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Last Updated: February 2, 2016

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