G2A says League of Legends sponsorship ban is “heavy handed and potentially damaging.”

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We’ve told you about the recent brouhaha regarding game marketplace G2A and their falling out with Riot, the makers of League of Legends. Riot slapped G2A with a sponsorship ban, forcing teams to do away with any and all G2A branding as far as the League of Legends World Championships are concerned.

The reason, it seems, is that G2A has been selling boosted League of Legends accounts.

“Right now, G2A is advertising Level 30 accounts that have been boosted for as little as $25. And it’s a practice that messes with League of Legends’ online play. Riot has spoken at length about how Elo Boosted accounts mess with their matchmaking – ruining ranked games for four players when a boosted account joins and isn’t up to the level of play required. It is also illegal according to the League of Legends terms of service. “

G2A has called the ban “heavy handed and potentially damaging.”

According to G2A, Riot “launched an aggressive attack directed towards the entire global e-sports community in a failed attempt to dominate and control the industry,” adding that the ban “has the ability to impact negatively on e-sporters, especially during this fabulous time when hopes are so high for great e-sports events.”

They’d like to remind everyone that they’ve invested over $6 million in to eSports, and that this ban isn’t doing anyone any real favours. They’re probably right – though I just have a hard time trusting G2A and the myriad people selling likely illegitimately gained game keys.

Last Updated: October 9, 2015

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