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G920 vs G923 Logitech: Unleashing the Racing Enthusiast Within

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G920 vs G923
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As a dedicated racing enthusiast, my quest for the perfect driving experience led me to the world of racing wheels. Logitech’s G920 and G923 have earned their reputation as formidable contenders, each promising a thrilling and immersive racing experience. In this comprehensive G920 vs G923 comparison, I’ll dissect these two racing wheels down to the technical details, advantages, disadvantages, and my personal opinion on which one reigns supreme.

Introduction: The Need for Speed

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty details, let’s set the stage for our racing wheel showdown.

Logitech G920

Logitech G920

The Logitech G920, a beloved choice among sim racing enthusiasts, is renowned for its reliability and precision. With a history of delivering high-quality racing experiences, the G920 has been a staple in many virtual garages.

Logitech G923

Logitech G923 racing wheel
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The Logitech G923, the successor to the G920, carries the legacy forward with some notable improvements. It introduces TrueForce force feedback technology, aiming to provide a more realistic and immersive racing sensation, says TheVerge.

Now, let’s hit the gas and explore the technical aspects.

Technical Specifications – G920 vs G923

To get a clear understanding of these racing wheels, let’s start by comparing their technical specifications in detail.

Logitech G920

SpecificationLogitech G920
CompatibilityXbox, PC
Force FeedbackDual-motor force feedback
Rotation Range900 degrees
Pedal SetIncluded pedal set with brake, clutch, and accelerator pedals
Shifter CompatibilityLogitech Driving Force Shifter (sold separately)
Wheel Diameter10.24 inches (26 cm)
LED IndicatorYes (RPM/Shift Indicator LEDs)

Logitech G923

SpecificationLogitech G923
CompatibilityXbox, PC, PlayStation
Force FeedbackTrueForce force feedback
Rotation Range900 degrees
Pedal SetIncluded pedal set with brake, clutch, and accelerator pedals
Shifter CompatibilityLogitech Driving Force Shifter (sold separately)
Wheel Diameter10.24 inches (26 cm)
LED IndicatorYes (RPM/Shift Indicator LEDs)

Comparison Table – Technical Specifications

SpecificationLogitech G920Logitech G923
CompatibilityXbox, PCXbox, PC, PlayStation
Force FeedbackDual-motor force feedbackTrueForce force feedback
Rotation Range900 degrees900 degrees
Pedal SetIncludedIncluded
Shifter CompatibilityYes (sold separately)Yes (sold separately)
Wheel Diameter10.24 inches (26 cm)10.24 inches (26 cm)
LED IndicatorYesYes

Force Feedback Technology

One of the most critical aspects of a racing wheel is its force feedback technology, which determines how well it simulates the feel of a real car.

Logitech G920

The G920 employs a dual-motor force feedback system, which delivers a robust and convincing force feedback experience. It accurately conveys the road texture, wheel weight, and tire slip, immersing you in the driving action.

Logitech G923

The G923 introduces TrueForce force feedback technology, which aims to take realism to the next level. It claims to deliver precise and realistic force feedback that responds to in-game physics and enhances immersion.


Compatibility is essential, especially if you’re gaming across multiple platforms.

Logitech G920

The G920 is compatible with Xbox and PC, according to Very, making it an excellent choice for Xbox gamers who also enjoy sim racing on their PC.

Logitech G923

The G923 takes compatibility up a notch. It works seamlessly with Xbox, PC, and PlayStation, catering to a broader audience of racing enthusiasts (more details).

Advantages and Disadvantages – G920 vs G923

Now, let’s break down the pros and cons of each racing wheel to help you make an informed choice.

Logitech G920


  • Reliable and proven performance.
  • Great force feedback with dual-motor system.
  • Compatible with Xbox and PC.
  • LED indicator adds to the immersion.


  • Lacks some of the advanced features of the G923.

Logitech G923


  • TrueForce force feedback promises a more realistic experience.
  • Compatibility with Xbox, PC, and PlayStation.
  • Improved RPM/Shift Indicator LEDs.
  • Works with Logitech’s Driving Force Shifter.


  • Slightly higher price point.
  • Force feedback improvements may not be dramatic for all users.
Source – GeekStreet YouTube

My Verdict – G920 vs G923

Choosing between the Logitech G920 and the Logitech G923 depends on your priorities and budget. If you’re looking for a reliable and proven racing wheel with excellent force feedback and compatibility with Xbox and PC, the G920 is an outstanding choice. Its LED indicator and time-tested performance make it a favorite among sim racers.

On the other hand, if you’re seeking the latest innovations in force feedback technology and broader compatibility that includes PlayStation, the G923 is a compelling option. The TrueForce force feedback technology, along with the improved RPM/Shift Indicator LEDs, enhances immersion and realism.

In my opinion, the Logitech G923, with its TrueForce technology and extended compatibility, edges out the G920 for the ultimate racing experience. While it comes at a slightly higher price point, the improvements in force feedback and the added platform compatibility make it a worthy investment for serious sim racers. So, get ready to hit the track with the G923 and experience racing like never before!

Last Updated: September 21, 2023

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