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GamesCom 2011 – Darksiders 2

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THQ’s Jay Fitzioff is waiting for us as we enter the room, ready to wow with some footage of the upcoming sequel to last years smash hit game. But before we get started with some of that sweet action, we’ve got a to get some details on what exactly we’ll be doing in Darksiders 2, and Fitzioff is only too happy to fill us in.

“Death is the main character of this game”, Fitzioff explains, “and his story runs parallel to when War was sent to earth for crimes he didn’t commit. He’s investigating what exactly is going on, and he’s a completely different character”.

“He’s not as honourable as War, and he’s the kind of guy who deals with shady characters, he’s a backstabber at heart. What we wanted to do with Death, is make the player feel awesome and epic as they use him, and he’s going to be in the middle of some big events.”

With that quick introduction over, we sit down to watch some action, as an enormous, deathly boat comes into view. Its the the Eternal Throne, flagship of the Bone King, who Death is on his way to see. The ship is massive, like a skyscraper building on its side, and it has two mast heads that constantly snap at each other. Death is swinging his way over it, using an  ethereal ghost-hook to work his way across, occasionally summoning his horse, Despair to ride over the ship.

Finally entering the throne room of the Bone King, Death is told to bring back the skull of a dangerous creature if he wishes to speak with his majesty. We fast forward then to a new location, and watch Death cut his way through hordes of undead skeletons, showcasing some of his combat skills. He’s faster, more agile and ninja-like in his attacks, but he has no block button, with that function ditched in favour for a dodge move.

After dispatching with the skeleton enemies, Death takes on a massive humanoid scarab creature, a sub-boss according to Fitzioff, “which players may face up to three at once”. With the Scarab beaten, he’s dropped some loot, some gold and a gauntlet, which Death quickly picks up when he walks over it.


Death then makes his way into the arena, and faces off against a gigantic golem, who use his own skull and spine as weapon, whipping his head around to keep Death at bay. Its a vicious fight, but Death eventually overwhelms him, making use of his alternate form for more power, a classic looking grim reaper with demonic wings.

With that done, our demo is over and Fitzioff answers our questions. When asked what Vigil Studios learnt from the first game, he admitted that Death will have his horse near the beginning of the game, unlike War who had to trek through over 75% of the first game before he got his trusty steed.

Death also won’t start the game at full power, but will also be mysteriously depowered according to Fitzioff. “The thing is, its more fun to advance in the game, than to go through it being overpowered.We’ve also got a new randomiser for enemies, which will make them look more distinctive, such as crafting eye patches and different armour onto them”.

When asked about the design of the game, Fitzioff mentioned how the new setting for the sequel enabled the art team to go wild with ideas. “War was stuck on Earth in the first game, so we had to design the game around those landscapes. Now. we’re in the underworld, and no one knows what that looks like exactly, we can design whatever we want to design”.

“But what we really want to do is give Darksiders 2 environments that are more varied than the first one, more exciting and more fun for the game”.

Last Updated: August 19, 2011

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