Gamescom 2011: Trailer round-up

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This year’s Gamescom in Cologne Germany has kicked off, bringing us a deluge of trailers for some of the hottest up-coming games. Way too many, we realised, to do a post for each – so here’s a collection of our favourites today.

Hit the jump to see what the hell Lollipop Chainsaw is all about;  a lot of fighting game goodness;  the combat and environments in the new emo Devil May Cry; how Asura’s Wrath invokes memories of Godhand; a real hardcore Kinect game; 3D zombie action and more!

Lollipop Chainsaw

Soul Calibur V

Street Fighter X Tekken

Devil May Cry

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Frank’s Foto Facts

Prototype 2 Teaser

Dance Central 2

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Last Updated: August 16, 2011

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