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Gamescom 2012 Capcom – Remember Me

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Believe it or not, Capcom has a game to showcase that doesn’t have a number attached to the title. It’s a brand new IP from developers who have formed their own studio, Dontnod Studio, comprising of members who have worked on titles such as Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell and Heavy Rain. And the game is called, Remember Me. (Updated with a trailer)

Set in Paris in 2048, the game has a female lead whose memory is slowly being erased, as she finds herself in a world that smacks of Blade Runner and Total Recall. It’s all about memories, as one of the game developers tells the audience, and how much value we have towards them, as he highlights his first date in Paris with his girlfriend.

But what if we could relive those memories in our heads, the developer asks us. That’s the basis of Remember Me, which is set in a world where memories can be shared with anyone, resulting in the ability for us to also delete those memories which also happen to be painful reminders to us.

The company that does this, is called Memoreyes, and they have access to all these memories, with no one to tell them what to do with them exactly. All the power, none of the responsibility.

Not everyone is happy with this shift in power though, and players will engage in sabotage, as a member of a resistance group, called Nilin. She happens to be a memory hunter, who lost her original identity and is fighting to retrieve it.

So it’s a neo-noir cyberpunk game where players can steal memories and use them against the corrupt corporations plaguing Paris. Time for some gameplay then. Nilin is doing a little breaking and entering, while conversing with a resistance group member over the radio, when a heavily-armed helicopter appears and begins firing down on her and the balcony that she is perched on.

Nilin evades the gunship, as the action shifts to a third-person view, with Nilin climbing over obstacles in an Uncharted manner, while the in-game HD is rather sparse, only highlighting necessary elements and health.

More chasing occurs, as the music track dips into some Daft Punk and Wub Wub. Finally out of the reach of the chopper, Nilin engages with some rent-a-cops, as she deals decisive blows in hand-to-hand combat. One effective move used, is Memory Overload, as she sprays memories over an enemy and kills him. It’s ridiculous, yet awesome.

More combat is shown, with Nilin selecting commands and tools from a wheel-based selection, as she slows down time to take out enemies. Nilin is back on the rooftop, with the gunship once again looking for her, as she evades it, hijacks it and steals the memories of the pilot, allowing her to pilot it. Thus endeth the demo, while a new one starts.

Players can use various HUDs to navigate through city streets and past armed foes, as Nilin evades detection, and climbs up a building as she goes after Frank Morlan, a general and her target.

Nilin can also use Memory Remix, which allows her to drive people to the point of insanity, and make them commit suicide. Players can also rewind memories, and then replay them, in a method that resembles Groundhog day, but with far more violence and death.

Using these skills, Nilin accesses Forlans memories, and finds out that he just broke up with his girlfriend, and re-edits them to make Forlan knock a bottle over and open a briefcase, revealing a gun. Another rewind removes the safety from that gun, whil Nilin messes with his psyche, making Forlan feel guilty and commit suicide with the weapon.

Remember Me is arriving May 2013 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC and it looks unforgettable so far.

Last Updated: August 14, 2012

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