Gamescom 2012 EA – Football! Football everywhere in FIFA 13!

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What better way to end a press conference than with Football? Geoff is sound asleep, and judging by his catatonic state, this must mean that FIFA 13 is going to be even more realstic than before when it launches.

Nexon, a Korean studio, is going to be publishing FIFA Online 3, but the real news here is the new feature in FIFA 13, ultimate Team, a social ecosystem that can be accessed from the game menu. It’s got a virtual currency embedded in it, based on stats from FIFA 12, where over 92 billion coins have already been spent.

FIFA 13 will also have a mode by the name of FIFA Seasons, which will feature 2 on 2 online co-op matches, and constant squad saves. Earn any real accomplishments in the game, and a new virtual trophy cabinet will show them off for you.

The fianl announcement is Match Day, which will connect the real world with the game, that will keep the game updated with actual developments that happen in the sport, such as injuries.

And with that, Messi stars in a new trailer for the game, which will have a demo on September 11.

Last Updated: August 14, 2012

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