Gamescom 2012 EA – Need For Speed Most Wanted has all the cars

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Criterion may have ditched Burnout for NFS, but the spirit most definitely lives on in the latest Most Wanted game. It’s open world madness, with all the cars, all the time, and some new social networking stats, to kick things off.

A trailer plays, with Challenge Mode highlighted, in a game where the majority of the cars available, will be unlocked from the start, while Autolog will be back with a vengeance, updating each and every single race, with virtual billboards around the city reflecting this.

Autolog is also headed to the clouds, as players will be able to compete with each other, regardless of the platform they’re playing on. A nice, and welcome touch actually. Time for some gameplay.

Driving through the city, players switch cars, with police hot on their tail, as they attempt to slam you off the road. It’s fast and furious action, highlighting the style that Criterion is famous for. The chase eventually ends though, when the players shake the cops, and crash through EA bigwig Peter Moore’s face.

Or at least a billboard of it. Some exciting driving, is coming up soon.

Last Updated: August 14, 2012

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