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Gamescom 2012 EA – NHL 13 has a few pucks for you

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Time for some sporty stuff now. NHL 13 General Manager Dean Richards is here to talk about the latest game where punching is not only legal, but encouraged, and he’s decked out in full ice hockey gear to do so as well.

“NHL 13 is the biggest leap for the franchise”, Richards says, as he talks about GM connected, which will allow 750 players to form their own 30-team league. That’s a whole lotta players. Other gameplay improvements will see True Performance Skating, which aims to capture the actual physics of skating, with speed bursts and momentum taking the stage.

A demo is out, August 22, for NHL 13. Geoff then wakes up, once the sporty stuff is over, and Burnout Paradise City 2, Need for Speed Most Wanted 2 appears.

Last Updated: August 14, 2012

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