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Gamescom 2013– The Sims 4

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We kick things off with the Sims 4 today, in a German trailer that is full of love. And the colour green.

Rachel Franklin from Maxis is on the stage to talk The Sims 4. "All-new emotion based gameplay" Franklin says, will make the Sims different in this incarnation. Sims will now have emotional states that impact how they act in the game, especially on their “mind, body and heart”.

Franklin also shows how Sims can now be customised, from facial features to how much junk in the trunk they have. “It’s like sculpting with clay”, Franklin says. We then get to see how even selecting a certain walking style can affect their personalities.

"Sims can’t flirt if they’re furious" Franklin says, while playing god with the psyche of a Sim. Looks like emotions are going to run rampant in The Sims 4. And that ain’t a bad thing.

Last Updated: August 20, 2013

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