Gamescom 2014 – FIFA 15 goes ultimate

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Gregor Bieler of Xbox takes the stage first, treating audiences to some of that famous German hospitality by reminding everyone who the best football team in the world is. After that, Xbox chief Phil Spencer arrives, to talk about bringing Xbox One to 29 new countries in September, a console that will have many games arriving with it. Such as FIFA 15.

It looks like FIFA 15 is going to have various bonuses on the Xbox console, with FIFA 15 general manager David Rudder explaining the new FIFA 15 ultimate Team mode, with Peter Schmeichel on hand to talk about building his dream 11 team. Schmeichel mentions various names, who I happen to have no idea who they are, whatsoever.

“You can pick any player in Ultimate Team,” says Rudder, of the mode which will have all of the FIFA legends included. “This year, we’re giving players the chance to write their own history in FIFA 15”. And with that, we get a trailer of men playing the beautiful game, which sadly isn’t Baseketball.

Last Updated: August 12, 2014

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