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Gamescom rubbishes GTAV rumours

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A little while back Gamescom released a trailer that showcased what it was about and in that trailer we saw a little Grand Theft Auto V which got us all excited, then someone by the name of Gerald Bauser posted on LinkedIn that he was a Gamescom employee and that GTAV will in fact be at Gamescom 2012

Well Gerald has edited his LinkedIn profile since then to remove all references of Grand Theft Auto V and Rockstar Table Tennis which is normally all the confirmation we need that these were in fact accurate and he’s now been lashed by someone higher up.

But it gets weirder as Gamescom has now announced that after a quick investigation it can be confirmed that Gerald Bauser does not and never has worked for Gamescom or any of the affiliated companies.

A quick google search appears to confirm that Gerald didn’t exist before his LinkedIn profile was spotted which leads me to believe it’s entirely faked and that either a journalist is being about as dodgy as you can get and creating his own stories from scratch or that Gerald is a pseudonym for someone in the Rockstar marketing department who has decided that this is a great way to get the hype train up to speed.

He could be a real person still but it all smells a little fishy right now, so you tell us. Do you think Gerald exists or is this all a hoax?

Last Updated: July 10, 2012

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