Gaming's 10 hottest male characters

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There’s certainly no shortage of sexy women in video games. But what about the hottest male characters? Who are the pixelated guys that the ladies love to perv over? Who has the gaming girls out there reaching regularly for their… erm… controller?

Of course, any “Sexiest” list is highly subjective – these are my personal picks (in no particular order) from the current gaming generation – and I’m sure to have missed some fan favourites. Please list yours in the comments below.

1) The Prince of Persia (Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time series)

Hands down, the hottest male character in gaming history! He runs on walls, he’s frequently shirtless, he’s royalty… and over the course of 4 games (and one Jake Gyllenhaal movie) he’s catered for all fantasy tastes, from cocky pretty boy to moody, tattooed badass.

2) Gordon Freeman (Half-Life series)

Videogamedom’s sexiest scientist! Gordon may be faceless in the Half-Life games, but he offers an irresistible combination of brains and brawn on promotional material. Plus, nobody pulls off the glasses-and-crowbar combo quite like him.

3) Nathan Drake (Uncharted series)

There will always be Indiana Jones, but when it comes to sexing up treasure hunting, Nathan Drake is the male answer to Lara Croft. Looking like a cross between Gerard Butler and Nathan Fillion, few women wouldn’t invite him over for some tomb raiding.

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4) Max Payne (Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne)

Max Payne 2 certainly didn’t skimp on sex appeal. Modelled on actor Timothy Gibbs, the grim monologuing detective rocked the dashing Don Draper look during his second game outing. Such a pity the game makers are grunging him up for Payne 3.

5) Chris Redfield (Resident Evil series)

Special forces operative – and veteran zombie slayer – Chris is famous for his fresh faced good looks and massive biceps. He is also heavily lusted after if the amount of fan-made porn on the Internet is any indicator. Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller played him on the big screen.

Last Updated: March 24, 2011

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