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GaymerCon, this makes me angry

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Nice target you're painting there

It’s no secret that I am not anti-gay in any way and that the idea of people being treated differently simply because they love someone of the same gender gets me quite riled up. Live and let live people, but the idea of a GaymerCon has gotten me really upset this morning.

The idea behind GaymerCon is simply to create a gaming and tech conference to cater for the gay, lesbian, transgendered, gender queer (?wtf) and bisexual folk out there (ref) and while that idea sounds nice I feel it goes completely against the purpose of treating people equally.

How can you honestly expect the heterosexual world to treat you equally if you are going out of your way to separate yourselves from everyone else. It’s ludicrous, if you want to go to a gaming convention then go to E3, PAX, Gamescom or any other of the many that are going around.

If you want to go to a tech conference then you have a huge variety to choose from but if you only want to go to one that caters for homosexuals then you lose the right to complain about being victimised. You’re making yourself a victim by doing so.

Side note, I feel just as strongly about these christian (or other religion) expo’s that get organised so that you can work closer with other religious companies. How can you expect to not be mocked and persecuted if you go out of your way to ostracise people of a different faith. You’re all hypocrites and if we tried to do the same expo based on race or gender we’d be locked up.

And on that note.. happy Friday let’s get it on.

Last Updated: August 3, 2012

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