Gearbox Proves Aliens : Colonial Marines isn’t Dead

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While Gearbox have resurrected Duke Nukem Forever, they’re not unfamiliar with games of their own stalling development. You may recall (or not) that in 2006 Gearbox and SEGA announced that they were bringing Aliens : Colonial Marines, a 4-payer squad based shooter set after the events of the third film, to consoles and PC. It sounded awesome, looked rad and had a lot of people excited.

And then it got delayed; and very little was heard of it since.

4 years later, at this weekend’s Penny Arcade Expo, Gearbox surprised attendees by not only showed off a few new screens, but they’ve confirmed that the game is not only still in development, but is in fact a “priority.”

Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford said that the teams is hard at work with Aliens movie studio 20th Century Fox and Sega to bring the project to the masses, but has given no indication of when the game might be out. For Sci-fi nerds, the fact that story’s been penned by BSG writers Bradley Thompson and David Weddle might just get them excited.

Colonial Marines is not to be confused with the Obsidian-developed Aliens RPG that SEGA canned in favour of Alpha Protocol. Because that was a wise decision, right there.

Kotaku’s managed to take a few off-kilter saps from the event. Check ‘em out, here.

Last Updated: September 6, 2010

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