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Gears 3 tips you may not know

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Unlike some of us here at Lazygamer I am a big fan of CliffyB (check our interview here), yeah he’s arrogant and obnoxious but he’s also an incredible gaming visionary and has put together some of the most memorable games of our time.

Whether you hate him or not doesn’t really change that and with the Gears of War 3 beta now really starting to pick up speed he is even more important. So I decided to go back over his tweets from the last couple of days and pick up some Gears of War 3 tips and tricks that you may not have figured out yet.

You’re going to want to read these because some of them could save your life, or at least take that scumbag who just stuck a chainsaw in your back with you.

  1. The Digger does in fact go NomNomNom when it’s on its way.
  2. Lighter guns do not make you run faster, heavy weapons however will make you move slower. So don’t change to the pistol for that big run, it won’t help
  3. If you are armed with grenades and you get stabbed or chainsawed you can hit RT to detonate them and take the guy with you.
  4. In Checkout that annoying alarm that you sometimes hear is when a secret weapon has been spawned.

And then some other tips that have come in via different sources

  1. Don’t get to stuck on the shotgun as the rifles power has also been increased and are great at medium distance.
  2. Press A to leap over a small wall and kick the player on the other side.
  3. You can kill the chickens that you see running around, not sure why though
  4. Don’t forget that the environment is partially destructible, so you can still get that guy hiding behind the concrete pillar.
  5. A charging retro lancer can be stopped… just kill him before he gets to you
  6. In Checkout if you can hold the raised area across from the Mulcher you can dominate the stage.
  7. Use the left stick to spot players for your team mates (push it down)
  8. The Hammerburst has iron sights, push the right stick down
  9. Hold down the left bumper to see an outline of your team mates through the walls
  10. Hold X to reload, tap it to revive someone.
  11. And seriously people, aim for the head.

That’s it for the tips that I have seen so far, if you have any please leave them in the comments and I’ll try collate them.

Oh and if you were wondering how many ribbons you can receive at the end of the game, well here’s your list thanks to GOWPortal

Personal Assistant
Assisted 5 kills in a round

Always remember your first
Welcome to versus, complete one VS match


Highest points scored in one match

Never had a chance

Won every round in a match


Never captured when playing as leader


Caputred the enemy leader


Revived 5 teammates in a round

Buttoned Up

Spent the most time in cover

Last Man Out

Last man standing on your team

Better Man

Won a sudden death showdown

First Blood

Earned the first kill of the round


Killed multiple opponents with one grenade

Not so fast

Killed an opponent that is executing a teammate.

Negotiation Over

Headshot an opponent with a meatshield


Kill your nemesis.

Death from beyond

Killed an oponent after you have died.


Killed 25 opponents without dying.


Killed 20 opponents without dying.


Killed 15 opponents without dying.


Killed 10 opponents without dying.

Killing Spree

Killed 5 opponents without dying.

Stop Thief!

5 kills stolen by others in a round.


Chainsawed 3 victims in a row.


Retro charged 3 victims in a row.


First to die in a round.

Lead by Example

Killed 5 opponents as the leader in a round.

Want Something Done

Captured the enemy leader when playing as the leader.

Unlucky Bastard

Only player on your team to die in a round.

Team Player

Most revives in a match

Pick up Artist

Most revives in a match

Final Word

Final Kill of the Match.

Coup de Grace

Final kill with an execution

Military Intelligence

5 enemies spotted ending in a kill.

Grenade Hug

Killed an opponent after being grenade tagged.

Top of the Hill

Killed 5 opponents from inside the ring.

Ring Breaker

Broke opposing ring 3 times in a round.

Dead Ringer

Won a round of KOTH by shutting out the opposing team.


Killed multiple opponents with a single mortar shot


Killed multiple opponents with a single boomshot shot.


Killed multiple opponents with a single Sawed-off shotgun shot.


Stopped a Retro charge with the Sawed-off shotgun.

Death from below

Killed an opponent with a grenade while downed.

Oscar Mike

Killed a roadie running opponent with a headshot.

The Super

Killed an evading opponent with a headshot.

Giant Slayer

Killed an opponent that is 50 levels above you.


Killed an opponent that is 25 levels above you.


Revived yourself twice in a round.

Ring King

Captured a ring 3 times in a round.

Sapper Star

Killed an opponent with their own planted grenade.


Grenade tagged a Retro charging opponent.

Hat Trick

Scored 3 headshots in a row without dying.

The Double

Two quick kills in a row.

The Quad

Four quick kills in a row.

The Quinn

Five quick kills in a row.

First to fight

First kill in every round of a match.

The Cleaner

Final kill in every round of a match.


Five executions in a round.



More kills than deaths in a match.

Smooth Operator

highest K/D ratio in a match.

Tough Guy

Fewest Deaths in a match.

Rough Day

Most deaths in a match.


Most executions in a match.


Killed same opponent three times.

Trick Shot

One Torque Bow headshot leading to a double kill

Hail Mary

Boomshot kill from over 200 feet.

Swift Vengeance

Killed 3 or more as last man standing to win the round.

Secret Service

Most leader rescues in a match.

Eye on the prize

Most points earned in the ring.


Least damage taken in a match


Most melee hits in a match

Spray and Pray

Most blindfire kills in a match


Most headshot kills in a match

Carmines Star

Most headshot deaths in a match.


Most grenade kills in a match.


Most pistol kills in a match.

Quick clips

Most perfect Active Reloads in a match.

Well Protected

Most revived players in a match.

Guys? Hello?

Most time down but not out in a match.

No Smoking

Killed an opponent with a smoke grenade

Last Updated: April 19, 2011

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