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Gears of War 3 – Character Profiles

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GameInformer has posted up the character profiles for Marcus, The Cole Train and Anya.

Unfortunately the character profiles are all a little skinny with little in the way of true reveals but it’s a Friday and anything to keep us from doing real work is good with me.

The only things I have been able to glean from the 3 information cards is that The Cole Train doesn’t like living on the ocean, which I guess means that previous battleship we saw is there new base. And that the humans are losing the battle against the locust in a big way…

Oh yeah and Anya and Marcus apparently love each other but honestly that can’t be more than a simple annoyance in the story line.

0640.Marcus_2D00_Character_2D00_ProfileWeb 2425.Anya_2D00_Character_2D00_Profile_2D00_Web 3755.Agustus_2D00_Cole_2D00_Profile_2D00_Web 5432.MarcusMain 5488.ColeMain 8880.AnyaMain

Source: GameInformer

Last Updated: May 21, 2010

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