Gears of War 3 leaked gameplay footage

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We posted earlier that someone has stupidly leaked the Gears of War 3 dev build and that there are now people out there downloading the game from torrents sites.

Thankfully it isn’t a standard build so it’s not like the average pirate can play this game but it’s still disappointing. However there is a silver lining to everything and the silver lining on this one is that a bunch of videos have now hit the Internet showing us some of the Gears 3 maps and the return of our old favourite Gridlock.

There be very mild spoilers, like achievements, after the jump!

Other than Gridlock we have found a bunch of videos that show off some of the disgustingly over the top weapon skins which just make it a little bit sad.

A list of the achievements and some other options.

And check out this cool Vulcan cannon footage

You can check out a bunch more footage of some more upcoming maps and gameplay over at

Last Updated: July 4, 2011

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