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Gears of War: Judgement is class-based

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Microsoft’s set to reveal details of its new Gears of War game, Judgement later today when it kicks off E3 with the first press conference.

As is becoming standard, details of that game have gotten out prior to its big reveal. Thanks to some early copies of GameInformer and the Epic forums, those details are now all over the internet.

According to those who’ve received the magazine, the game will be developed by Bulletstorm and Painkiller dev People Can Fly – and as expected, is a prequel to the first game. In Judgement,  Baird and the rest of Kilo Squad are standing trial for “transgressions” against the Coalition of Governments.

Though they’re most at home with First Person shooters, People Can Fly will be sticking to the series established third person view. Epic will be involved in development, to “make sure it’s still Gears.”

There are few details of the game’s single player campaign, but the multiplayer certainly seems like it’ll be getting an overhaul. Judgement will class-based multiplayer – including a mode that’s apparently inspired by Team fortress.

COG classes include Engineers (who can plant sentry turrets and repair fortifications), Soldiers (able to deploy ammo crates), Medics ( who heal, I guess) and Scouts (with sniper rifles and the ability to climb  terrain). Prefer locusts? You’ll be able to play as Wretches, Tickers, Kantus , Grenadiers, Corpsers – and more.

Expect more details from Microsoft’s E3 press conference, which starts at 6pm this evening, South African time.

Last Updated: June 4, 2012

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