Get an Xbox One now for R6350 or a PS4 for R5700

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The Xbox One still does not have an official South African release date and PlayStation 4’s are still hard to come by in local retailers but we here at Lazygamer have found a way not only to get a Xbox One locally but also to get it cheaper than it will be when it does finally release.

[Update] PS4’s are now out of stock at Amazon, apparently more will arrive tomorrow

[Update 2] It seems we may have jumped the gun, once you add the special shipping it adds the custom duties which pushes the Xbox One up to R7700… now we’re all depressed. Sorry.

If you’ve recently purchased anything from Amazon you may have noticed that they have been pushing their Amazon Global Shipping option quite hard which allows consumers from countries that don’t have their own Amazon store to purchase from the main American site or the UK site.

The nice thing about this service is that they handle the customs, tax and all delivery costs themselves so it really is a one stop shop. Now I’ve used this in the past and it works perfectly but something has recently changed and this is the secret to us getting awesome consoles at rock bottom prices.

If you head on over to now you can see that the Xbox One is currently being sold for £429.00 (R7600) and they deliver to South Africa, but wait this gets better.

If you click this wonderful affiliate link for an Xbox One Console and add that console to your basket you will see the price stays the same. However now click checkout and watch the magic happen. The price drops from R7600 to £357.50 + £11 shipping. That works out to R6325 landing on your doorstep.

But it’s not only the Xbox One that gets the special treatment, if you order the PlayStation 4 with a free copy of Killzone right here, by ordering a Sony PlayStation 4 and Killzone Shadow Fall (PS4) and head to your checkout, the price changes to R5669 landing price. That’s a solid R500 cheaper than our local price.

Now our affiliate links have nothing to do with this magic, we are just trying to get some extra cash in to pay our bills, and eat some food. You can go directly to the site yourself and the same magic will occur.

I’m not sure why Amazon are offering us a cheaper price than the United Kingdom or whether this will continue to work but for all those people still looking for a PlayStation 4 or wanting to get into the Xbox One action then this is easily the best way to go.

You also don’t have to worry about compatibility issues since the United Kingdom uses the same power voltage and TV technology as South Africa.

Last Updated: January 9, 2014

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