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Final Fantasy XV is almost upon us. Okay, maybe not – we still have no idea when it’s actually going to release. But, we will be getting a demo soon and it will include some cool parts of the game to tide us over until the real deal. Unlike previous games, there’s a bunch that you can do when you make camp for night, including embracing your inner cooking mamma.

This week’s Famitsu shared some info on the demo (Thanks Siliconera) and the exploration, combat and camping sound much more intense. Here are the bullet points from the magazine.

  • The Duscae area of the demo will feature plains, along with mountainous areas that are shrouded in trees. If you look around closely, you might also find some caves. While these caves may have some treasures hidden inside, they’ll also have monsters that are much tougher than the ones outside.
  • You’ll “store” experience points you gain from battle, and the characters will acquire them to actually level up once they’re at the camp.
  • While at camp, you’ll be able to check out events where Noctis and co. are chatting. This is also where you’ll get to mess around with your equipment, and eat Ignis’ cooking.
  • Eating food will grant beneficial effects to the characters.
  • There’s also a “cooking level” that shows how well one can cook.
  • You can acquire ingredients from shops in town or by defeating monsters.
  • The demo will let you fight Behemoth. In order to fight him, you’ll need to search for his habitat in the forest. Behemoth is quite powerful, and could easily wipe your entire party if you’re not careful.

So leveling up mainly happens at camp? You kill monsters in the field and then allocate experience for leveling once you pause for the night. Could be fun and different, or tedious. Gone are the days of leveling up between battles, getting a necessary healing and attack boost. Then again, you can also boost yourself with cooking and even level up your cooking and get ingredients. Sounds like a really fun mini-game, but then, I always love cooking in games.

This certainly sheds some light on added elements in the new Final Fantasy. I’m so excited to try it out – as much as I can read or watch about the game, nothing compares to holding the controller, going exploring and figuring things out as you go.

Last Updated: February 16, 2015

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