Get extreme in Batman:Arkham Origins Cold,cold heart DLC

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For an orphaned billionaire with parenting abandonment issues who expresses himself through fist-based vigilante violence, Batman sure is fashionable. The Bat-wardrobe is filled with alternate outfits and armour, but for the upcoming DLC that features a tangle with Mr Freeze, the dark knight is going to need something a bit more…extreme.

Even though it was posted on April 1st, this image from Arkhamverse looks legit enough to me. It’s for the Cold,cold heart DLC wherein Gotham falls foul of the winter menace and most likely has something to do with using diamonds as a power source. Curse you Batman and Robin, you terrible movie you.

Anyway, the current Batsuit will most likely not hold up too well in a battle with Mr Freeze, which is why the dark knight will need to don this suit for the upcoming battle:


By the waning power of Eskom, that’s a lot of heat to bring to the party in the Extreme Environment Batsuit. The DLC drops on April 23, if you haven’t traded that game in yet. Which should hopefully tide me over long enough until Arkham Knight arrives.

Last Updated: April 2, 2014

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