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Gamemaker for free

I’m sure we can all claim that we’ve had brilliant game design ideas at some point. Darryn has promised to make us a Lazygamer RPG, and I’m convinced that I could make an awesome platformer inside the bodies of Geoff and Gavin using all their ailments as obstacles. Curse you insomnia pit! But now, you can get the tools for free.

That’s right, in a very special kind of sale, GameMaker: Studio Standard is completely free. The offer only lasts until 2 March 2014, so get it while you can. Alternatively, for those who already have the standard version (or get it now), you can upgrade to professional for $35.

Wondering if this is really enough for you to make a good game? Well, what about their impressive hall of fame? Games like Nidhogg, Risk of Rain, Hotline Miami and even Spelunky were made using GameMaker. Some may say these award winning games are proof of what can be done with this program, but there is one game that clinches it for me – Cook, Serve, Delicious! was made in GameMaker. If that genius of an addictive game could be made there, anything fantastic is possible.

Come on people, share all your outlandish and wonderful game ideas here. Then Darryn and I can steal your good ideas and make them into lucrative indie games, sold to the highest bidder. Or at least you’ll save us from becoming the next Molyneux with all the best ideas and none of the execution. Go get GameMaker and make us some awesome games that we want to play.

Last Updated: February 24, 2014

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