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Get some classic point ‘n click for free from Good Old Games

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Good Old Games, everybody’s favourite digital distribution service for retro goodness, recently passed the six million downloads mark. And having reached such a significant milestone, GOG has decided to extend their gratitude to everybody, by allowing for a free download of the classic puzzle and adventure game, Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templar’s.

The directors cut of the game, which features all new visuals, challenges, soundtrack and the original version of Broken Sword. Set in Paris, players embark on an epic quest as George Stobbart, an American tourist that finds himself in the middle of a vast conspiracy that involves medieval knights, world domination, murder and a killer mime.

The Broken Sword games have always been a cult favourite amongst gamers, and considering that its a free download, its something that every gamer should experience at least once in their lives.

The only downside however, is that the promotion ends on the first of October, so go get this title while you still can. Go go go!

Last Updated: September 30, 2011

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