Get stuffed with this new Naughty Bear stealth footage

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Who the hell is Ted Bear?

I find it funny that we can commit acts of carnage that count as deleted scenes in a SAW movie, against horribly realistic human digital designs, yet transfer that gore into a world of cute stuffed animals, and you’re classified as a sicko. Which is why I’m so happy that a Naughty Bear sequel is arriving later this year on PSN and XBLA.

Picnic in Paradise follows up on the original Naughty Bear game, wherein the denizens of that lightweight and fluffy world once again ostracise Naughty, leading to… well, you know what. Granted, the game had some issues that permeated throughout the title, resulting in some horribly repetitive gameplay.

There’ll be new gameplay elements in this sequel though, one of which, will be stealth, which is showcased in the brief trailer below, as the little bastard gets to work.

I don’t care how wrong it is, I totally need this game.

Last Updated: July 19, 2012

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