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Get unlimited blood echoes in Bloodborne

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Bloodborne, like other From Software games, is all about cheesing the system. If you find a way to kill a boss without dying, even if it seems lame, it’s a winner. However, not all cheating feels right – part of the enjoyment of the game is working hard for even the smallest successes. If that sounds like too much work for you, here is a duplication glitch for unlimited blood echoes.

Originally discovered by YouTuber Gamestastik, the process may seem a bit complicated and should be completed at the player’s own risk:

  • Step 1: Create a 2nd character by starting a new game
  • Step 2: With the 2nd character go to the workshop in Hunter’s Dream and put a Pebble into the storage
  • Step 3: Press the Options-Button and Exit the game (you will now come back to the title screen)
  • Step 4: Switch back to your main character (select “Load Game” in the title screen)
  • Step 5: Clear out the storage of your main character (in Hunter’s Dream, you can sell items at the merchant if you cannot carry any more of them)
  • Step 6: Put the item you want to duplicate into your storage (1 unit is enough). If you want to get unlimited Blood Echoes you put in Coldblood. If you want to dupe a certain upgrade material you put in that material.
  • Step 7: Now put in as many Pebbles as you want and it will convert them into the other item. Buy more Pebbles at the merchant and keep putting them into the storage. Now a worthless Pebble becomes an item of your choice.
  • Step 8: Repeat Step #7 as often as you want. When you want to dupe another item you repeat Steps #2-7.

However, I don’t find his video that heplful, so if you need a walkthrough video, here is one that clearly explains what to do.

I would bet that this glitch will be patched out soon. It’s obviously causing issues for leaderboards for covenants, as well as letting people cheat their way through the game. Of course you still need to have some skill, but with unlimited blood echoes it becomes a whole lot easier to hit like a truck and absorb more punishment. So, if you’re just trying to find an easy way through Bloodborne to see what the fuss is all about, you can use this glitch to help you through. Of course, you probably shouldn’t brag about finishing the game if you do it with the help of cheating.

Last Updated: March 30, 2015

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