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Get your 15 minutes of fame with Just Dance

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Just Dance 2015 is ready to bring players together with the spirit of dance. Plus, with Just Dance Now, you can have a dance party with all your friends thanks to the magic of smart phones. But there’re even more features, some of which can even make you famous.

Here is a video interview conducted by Ubisoft with Ubisoft (how very Ubiception) about Just Dance:

Yet again they are touting the fact that Happy from Pharrell Williams is part of the line up – aren’t people sick of that song yet? However, Game Director Matthew Tomkinson points out that the game is for everyone, with classic songs mixed with top of the chart singles. Interestingly, there is also asynchronous gameplay – you can record your dance score and experience to later be challenged or joined by a friend. I like this idea – it works when friends don’t always want to play together at the same time, but still want to compete.

One of the biggest new things that will let you have your moment in the sun is Community Remix. This allows players to do their own dance routines to songs – the best ones are then used as the new dance routines, letting other players learn points according to how closely they follow your awesome moves. This reminds me of dancing in front of my mirror as a teen, only this time with people thinking it was good and wanting to copy it.

Just Dance is a hugely popular title, although I’m not sure how many of you will be dancing along at your next braai. Is this just something for the kids, or would you get in on the fun, too?

Last Updated: July 22, 2014

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