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Get your Pokédex 3D AR Markers here!

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The Nintendo 3DS eShop launched recently along with a new firmware update that finally adds a browser to the handheld. Right now, it’s mostly bare, with a few 3DS video demos and a couple of handheld games. To go with the eShop launch, Nintendo has included two bits of free software for you to download and enjoy. The first – and a treat for retro gamers – is a 3DS version of the NES classic Excitebike. The second, and one that’s thrown Pokémon fans in to a frenzy is Pokédex 3D; a sort of real life catalogue of all 150 creatures from the newest games in the series, Pokémon Black and White. It starts you out with a tiny collection just 15. So how do you get more?

The first way is to make sure your 3DS has internet connectivity. The Pokédex will download 3 new ones for you each day. The other, as is typical for Pokémon, is to trade them with others. So then what the heck are those AR Maker cards that’ve been floating around for? Well, they’re for taking Augmented reality pictures. Provided you have the Pokémon registered on your 3DS already, the AR Marker allows you to take snapshots of the creatures using the magic of augmented reality. Want a picture of an Emboar on your couch? This is the way to do it. The AR Markers also add creatures to your sticker book, so if you’re a real Pokémon fanatic, you’ll want all of them.  There were four handed out at E3 this year, and I’ve scanned them all for you so you don’t have to go hunting for them in the seedier bits of the internet.

If you, as a South African, have found you’re unable to access the eShop I have a little bit of bad news; it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting official support for the service. Boo! Hiss! There is a workaround though; set your region to UK and you’ll be able to download all the free stuff, like the Pokédex, from the online repository.



Last Updated: June 13, 2011

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