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Ghost of Tsushima – How to get the secret Sly Cooper trophy

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Sucker Punch may be the studio that is earning all of the praise right now for Ghost of Tsushima, but long before they were crafting a samurai epic for the ages, this was the studio that a certain debonair thief by the name of Sly Cooper called home. While that franchise may be currently pining for the fjords, there’s still a whole lot of love in the gaming scene for Sly and pals.

Knowing full well how much their fans still adore the master miscreant, Sucker Punch has included a little nod to their past in the form of a secret trophy that players can unlock if they’re prepared to do a little bit of digging in Ghost of Tsushima. Here’s how you can earn the secret Cooper Clan Cosplayer trophy.

Complete the Unbreakable Gosaku armour mythic quest

A couple of hours into Ghost of Tsushima, you’ll be able to tackle the Unbreakable Gosaku armour mythic quest. You can initiate the mission by chatting to the musician in Akashima Higata, to get the ball rolling on this lengthy optional mission. It’s pretty straight forward stuff: You’ll need to liberate six farms across Tsushima, earning a key from each grateful villager and using them to eventually unlock the powerful armour for yourself. The mission itself will guide you to where you need to be, so no real stress other than the absolute chore of cleaning all that blood from your sword.

Find the Sly Tanuki sword kit

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You can find this neat sword kit in Kamigata, at the Pillar of Honour that’s just a little ways away from Iwai Village:

Ghost of Tsushima_20200720093824

You’ll be looking for this pillar:

Ghost of Tsushima_20200720093855

Easy peasy!

Get the Thief’s Wrap mask

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Another easy objective: Whenever you get the notification, head back to an altar to pick up a freebie. I got the Thief’s Wrap mask at the Golden Temple, a few hours after I’d discovered the place. If you’ve been playing for a while, check your inventory to see if you have the social distancing acceptable mask in your inventory already.

Find the Crooked Karma headband

For the last gear item, you’ll have need to have unlocked the Kamigata Jogaku temple. Head to the tallest building outside the temple:

Ghost of Tsushima_20200720093904
Ghost of Tsushima_20200720093928

Stand on a corner, jump and hit R2 to grapple on to the roofthingy that sticks out. Totally a proper architectural term that I didn’t just make up.

Ghost of Tsushima_20200720094037

Once you’re at the top, mission accomplished! You can grab the headband that bears a very familiar logo on it.

Ghost of Tsushima_20200720094101

Purchase the Ocean’s Guardian armour dye

Ghost of Tsushima_20200720094203

Lastly, jump back down and go pay the nearby merchant a visit. Purchase the Ocean’s Guardian armour dye, apply it and equip all your armour.

Ghost of Tsushima_20200720094240
Ghost of Tsushima_20200720094332

Congratulations, you’ve just earned the secret Cooper Clan Cosplayer trophy. A certain thief would be proud.

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Last Updated: July 20, 2020

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