Girl gamer? What about boy gamers?

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I know, women who play video games are seen as mythical creatures or legendary items – you know they’re out there but still need to gawk when you find them.

Whatever the reason for this fascination, it appears to be a phenomenon that dissipates as gamers age – men seem to realize that girls aren’t quite as mysterious as they thought, and women feel less of an urge to seem alternative and different by being “girl gamers”.




Which is why I’m actually quite unimpressed with this Kickstarter project – GTFO: A Film About Women in Gaming. The filmmaker is a self-confessed “outsider” writing about what she decries as constant abuse against women.  When asked if it was a movie about trolling, she writes:


No. GTFO will cover an array of topics, with trolling being just one of them. The film will also address: the portrayal of women in video games, the history of women in gaming, the experiences of women in the industry itself, the culture of games, the discouragement of young girls from participating, and more.


One of her main inspirations and sources is a hilarious website, Fat, Ugly or Slutty, where women can post the lewd, sexist or otherwise trolling comments for all to see.  It is meant to be a humorous site, where women can laugh at the ridiculous comments that men make – usually when they lose.  



Although the filmmaker states that it is not a film about trolling, I seriously have my doubts considering the highly negative and critical stance she has on the topic.  In her interview with, she said:


“I didn’t think there was still an industry that in 2013 everyone was just fine with being really really sexist,”


I think gamers in general are forced to be rather thick skinned.  It is far too normal to encounter trolls – women aren’t the only ones who are threatened or harassed.  Regardless of gender, if you play online or with others, you will be called all manner of names.  It’s just a matter of being tough enough to not take it seriously.  Or just realize that The Oatmeal is probably right on this one… 

Last Updated: May 6, 2013

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