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I’ve got a massive amount of love for the guys over at Ninja Theory. Their games aren’t just solid action experiences, but titles filled with all kinds of heart, attitude and style. I still think Enslaved: Journey To The West is an underrated classic, while they absolutely nailed the Devil May Cry formula in their reboot of that iconic franchise. So I’m pretty damn excited for Hellblade.

Hellblade was first shown off a couple of weeks back, at the Sony Gamescom press conference. It’s still a long ways away, but the game looks like it has all that trademark style of previous Ninja Theory games, so far.

“Something we always do at Ninja Theory is create a pre-vis trailer at the beginning of development to define the art style, the tone and the mood of the game,” product development ninja Dominic Matthews said said in the video above.

As we move through development, the vision can then change a lot as you’ll see from these examples. These videos are never intended to be seen by the public, they’re just used to pitch the game to publishers. Given that we are the publisher on Hellblade, there’s no real reason to hold them back.

We used to create these in CG, but these days we create them in-engine. It’s an opportunity for us to take concept art and realise it as in-game assets. So we can test whether a character will hold up, we can recreate the atmosphere and mood of the art. And we can also test our ability to overcome any technical difficulties.

Here’s a look at some of the concept art as well, which helped shape the game:

Hellblade (7)

Hellblade (1)

Hellblade (4)

Hellblade (5)

Hellblade (3)

Hellblade (6)

Hellblade (2)

There’s ton more on the official site, showing off in-game assets, motion capture and that sweet sword. While this game is most likely still a few years away, I’m pretty excited. And kind of curious to see if Hellblade has any links to Heavenly Sword.

Last Updated: August 27, 2014

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