Go quiet or go loud in Wolfenstein: The New Order

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There are times when you need to put your gun away, grab a knife and go silent when you’re waging a one man battle against an alternate history army comprised of Nazis who won World War 2. And then there’s a time to say testicles to that idea, and go in guns blazing and start administering grenade enemas. And fortunately, you can do just that in Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Wolfenstein: The New Order has dropped a new video, which gives players a glimpse at going in with your guns un-cocked, or going in like an actual cock and killing anything with a pulse. Check it out above. I’ve got to say, the game is starting to look more and more tantalising with each new video that I’ve seen.

And hell, I didn’t even give a toss when I first heard that Wolfenstein was getting a new game. After the lacklustre performance of the previous Wolfenstein game, I had just about sworn off the franchise. That particular slice of Wolfenstein was dull, ugly and about as limp as a tennis biscuit that had been dipped into a cup of tea for too long.

But it looks like MachineGames knows just what to do with the franchise. Namely, return it to its roots, throw in some old school action with some new school visuals and let the bullets fly.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is pulling a tactical rampage on May 20 for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. You may now commence making the obligatory “I did not Nazi see that coming” jokes.

Last Updated: April 30, 2014

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