God of War III Co-Op Rumours Quashed

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Yesterday we told you of rumours swirling around the internet of the possible inclusion if co-op modes in Kratos’ latest underworld adventure. Some thought it was a great idea, and quite frankly, about time. Others, (such as myself) questioned the shoe-horning of multiplayer modes in to what is – and always has been – a decidedly single-player experience.

Thankfully Sony have officially buried the rumour, dispelling the fantasies (or nightmares) of tandem, synchronised blade-on-a-chain swinging. Sony’s Product Public Relations, Eric Levine gave a rather succinct answer when asked about multiplayer in God of War : "This news is false."

As far as I’m concerned, God of War is probably the last game that needs a multiplayer element. If you really want a similar game that includes co-op, you could always give Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 a spin. The up-coming Dante’s Inferno also has co-op play. While I’m sure co-op would be fun, I feel it would just ruin the narrative of the game, which focuses on a lone soul’s battles with the injustices of the Gods.

Source : Examiner

Last Updated: November 17, 2009

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