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The good, the bad and the ugly of the past week – 13 May 2016

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It’s Friday the 13th today. Darryn, as expected, is equipped with his hockey mask, and is running around town terrorising everybody.  If you see him, be sure to offer him a cuddly cat – that’ll distract him until tomorrow at least, where he’ll revert back to his original form.

Best Stories

Have you entered our Uncharted 4 competition yet? You really should – the game is excellent according to Geoff. If you don’t want to win it, then fine, I shall steal it for myself!

Meanwhile, in local news, FanCon 2016 took place in Cape Town this past weekend. According to Kervyn, it was fantastic.

If your name is Zoe Hawkins, or you’re a fan of having just one more turn, you’re no doubt excited for more Civilisation, right? Well, good news, a new one was announced this week!

Worst Stories

In the saddest of sad news, Disney Infinity has been cancelled. This as you’d imagine, has made both Alessandro and Darryn very, very sad, along with millions of other fans. Parents meanwhile, have rejoiced that their pockets won’t be as empty.

Sadly, Lionhead is no more. It’s come to light though that Microsoft turned down multiple buyers, simply because they wanted to keep a hold on the Fable franchise. That’s just… why? Those poor employees may have still had jobs today if Microsoft has sold them off.

This isn’t necessarily a bad story, but it’s frightening to think about nonetheless. Alessandro did some proper journalism this week, and figured out that the upcoming Call of Duty Infinite Warfare isn’t overpriced. Other games are running a lot cheaper locally, due to the simple fact that databases and margins haven’t been updated to reflect international pricing. Their cost unfortunately, will probably go up in future once all of that is adjusted, or at least, that’s what we speculate will happen.

Random Stories

Bastion is broken! That bot needs a nerf ASAP! Actually, he doesn’t. He just needs to be countered properly, which is something the poor Twitter admin of the Overwatch account has had to tell a good few people.

Are you playing Uncharted 4? Have you unlocked all the trophies yet? There are some seriously hilarious ones just waiting to be uncovered.

Lastly, have you played this week’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl? It’s simple, but deviously addictive. Here are some decks I’d recommend to get you started.

Is Darryn Batman Forever?


Darryn is still Batman, much to his relief. He was stressing bullets, because Alessandro came so very close to ending his streak this week!

Photoshop of the Week


Sorry, I’m ditching the header of the week award just for this article that Darryn put together. He asked himself, what if the WWE and Pokémon joined forces?

The results speak for themself – all that Photoshop is simply magical. I’d recommend you check out the article to see them all!

Most Comments

Late last week, EA unveiled Battlefield 1. Darryn updated his article (which originally broke down the four second teaser) to include the new trailer. You all had something to say before it was revealed though. That breakdown of the four seconds grabbed over 160 comments!

Comment of the Week

All this talk on gaming getting expensive has really gotten people rethinking their beloved hobby. Hey Pariah, what are your plans?

In other news, I’m thinking of selling my PC and starting gardening instead.

Good choice!

Bonus Premium Content

This is the best Hearthstone cartoon ever…

Wow, Superman is immune to Skrillex even? He really is the man of steel!

The best thing to come out of Australia is definitely Ozzy Man. Here’s his latest review…

And lastly, here, have some real life Street Fighter. I hope Geoff doesn’t get any ideas!


Last Updated: May 13, 2016

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