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Good numbers for the Playstation network

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It looks like the PSN is doing pretty well, they have just recorded 600 000 registrations and 3.7 million downloads…

Not bad for something that has only been around for a couple of months. The site where I saw this are asking now whether it will take over Xbox Live! at this rate but I personally don’t see how they can make that assumption.

PS3 has sold about 2 million now so they are getting just over 1/4 conversion rate, where the Xbox 360 has sold between 9 and 10 million and have just registered 6 million people. That is 2/3 conversion. Way way higher. They also managed 25 million arcade downloads.

It is roundly agreed that the PS3 has a long way to go still with it’s online ability. Hopefully when @Home comes out towards the end of this year things will change. Until then they are going to lag behind terribly.

Link to MAXCONSOLE – Playstation 3 – Numbers for Playstation network show promise

Last Updated: April 18, 2007

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