Gotham City Imposters delayed

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By now, you’ve probably run across every rooftop, and batmanned the ever-living crud out of every incarcerated thug within the walls of the super-prison and damn fine game that is Batman: Arkham City.

So what’s else can a digital vigilante do to pass the time? Why, takes sides in the Monolith Studios developed Gotham City Imposters of course! The quirky FPS is crawling with nods to the Batman franchise, and features wannabe caped crusaders fighting gang wars with imitation clown princes of crime, and is due for release early next week.

Oh wait, it’s not. Seems that it’s been slightly delayed.

Warner Bros has confirmed that Gotham City Imposters will be missing it’s original date of January 2011, and will instead arrive for download sometime in February. It’s not a major delay, but its going to be missed in an otherwise bleak gaming month.

At least we’ll have more time to work on throaty growls of Batman-ownership exclamations when the multiplayer FPS launches.

Last Updated: January 6, 2012

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