Grab the popcorn, sit down and watch the greatest fighting tournament on earth, EVO 2012!

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There aren’t too many tournaments out there which can really grab my attention. South Korea usually demonstrates their superior strategy on Starcraft with utmost ease every year, while racing games usually devolve into a who-can-crash-first spectacle.

Evo is different though. It’s fans fighting each other, with the matches themselves being tense affairs, able to turn at a moments notice. Here’s a look at some of the matches, and where to watch them, this year.

Evo 2012 kicks off at 5PM local time today, with the Street Fighter 4 AE pools battling it out. That’ll go on throughout the day, while King of Fighters XIII and Soul Calibur 5 also make themselves known at roughly the same times, while Team America takes on Team Europe in a five on five Mortal Kombat match at 5 in the AM.

Here’s the rest of the schedule from the official Evo site. Please be aware, that all times are in PDT format, so basically just add 9 hours to whatever you see here. They’ve got various streams listed as well, and Gametrailers will also be streaming matches this year once again.




Last Updated: July 6, 2012

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