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Gran Turismo 5 Could Be Released… Now! No… NOW! Wait…

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Gran Turismo 5 has been in production for just about forever now and a lot of fans are dying to get their hands on it.

Polyphony Digital’s Kazunori Yamauchi is doing that thing again. You know, that thing that should actually really get on fans of the series’ nerves but instead somehow gets them even more excited for his game, not to mention that it makes them feel okay to wait even longer.

That’s right, even with Forza 3 looming, he has decided to tell everyone that the game could be released whenever he wanted.

In his own words:

“The scale of this title is just dizzying, so daily progress is slow, but it’s still going forward at a steady clip,”.

“All the basic stuff is complete, but we’re trying to give everything that little bit extra at present.”

“We could release it any time we want, really, but I want to have that classic GT-style ‘did we really have to go this far?’ feel going. I want to go way beyond gamer expectations.”

I know, I know… you aren’t upset in the least, you are now more excited that he wants to give gamers the greatest experience ever, right? Polyphony do take their time, which a lot of developers wouldn’t have the luxury of doing but they do usually bring out a really good project.

Once again though, they need to start moving faster, all I can say is that it had better be filled with loads more content and greatness than Forza 3 because Turn 10 are getting pretty quick at their turnaround time for games and they aren’t exactly slacking on content either.

Source: 1UP

Last Updated: October 14, 2009

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