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Gran Turismo 6 launch sales a fifth of previous game

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Gran Turismo is one of those evergreen franchise for Sony; a game that just sells and sells. Some people buy PlayStations just to play the game. It seems however, that it’s starting to lose its verdant lustre.

According to Eurogamer, citing Chart Track figures , Gran Turismo has debuted with launch sales that come in at a fifth of the previous game. That’s quite a significant sales hit.

It could be down to quite a number of factors. Gran Turismo 5, for the most part is still going pretty strong and until really recently was still on the receiving end of a number of updates. It could also be that excitement for the next-generation of consoles has dampened enthusiasm for the sim-racer and that the game would have fared better had it been a PlayStation 4 launch game.

It could also be that all this micro-transaction nonsense has caused people to lose that fervent zeal that usually accompanies a Gran Turismo launch. Or maybe people are growing tired of series’ that are essentially the same thing, over and over again; Call of Duty and Battlefield this year also reportedly have lower year-on-year sales.

In even more depressing news, Knack is still beating Super Mario 3D World. Have you picked up GT6? What do you think so far? Do you think the derogatory GT 5.5 claims are valid?

Last Updated: December 10, 2013

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