Great Scott! Rocket League is going Back To The Future

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Rocket League, the one game in the universe which I happen to be the best at being terrible at, is great fun. Easily one of my best PS Plus downloads, I can spend hours inside of it while I zip around the field and score skillful own-goals.

It’s also the game that keeps on giving in the form of cosmetic upgrades for your rocket-powered football car. And the next bit of DLC is going to go 88 miles per hour on the pitch.

Yessir, Rocket League is going to be home to the DeLorean time machine from Back To The Future. Just in time for the 30th anniversary of that classic film, Rocket League will feature a playable version of the DeLorean that most likely doesn’t need any roads. Maybe Lazygamer’s B team can use it to go back in time…and lose 11-nil all over again.

“Truth be told, we used to fantasize and joke about having the DeLorean Time Machine in our game months before it even came out,” Psyonix said on the PS Blog.

We were all such huge Back to the Future fans here at Psyonix, that it was one of the few “Holy Grails” we had hoped for besides having a hit game.

The fact that we’re getting both of those “best-case scenarios” in the same year is an amazing accomplishment for us, they’re things we’ll never forget!

In-game, expect the DeLorean to look the way it should, which also includes it leaving those signature burnt rubber trails all over the pitch. It’ll cost you $2 for the pack on October 21.

Now which one of you called me chicken?

Last Updated: October 13, 2015

Darryn Bonthuys

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  • Hammersteyn

    The romance has passed, this game was still one of the biggest surprises ever!

    • And I so wanted to play against you guys 🙁

  • Grand Admiral Chief


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