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Grounded’s first content updates puts an eye in the sky and fleas in the water

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In the criminally underrated 1998 classic A Bugs Life, there was a scene that always scared me. Bear in mind that I was watching this flick (HA) when was three years old so it didn’t exactly take much to get my spine shivering but the scene with the bird hunting our ant heroes always spooked me. Maybe it was the thunderous sound of it pecking the ground, or the unnatural movements of the thing’s head; I can’t say, it was a long time ago. Yet that bird was a monster, that’s all I know.

Thus, stepping out into the backyard after updating Grounded last night and seeing that ominous shape in the sky brought back all kinds of memories. Fortunately, there was a load of other stuff that was added to distract me from that flying shadow and my eventual quest to pull it out of the sky.

Grounded, the survival game everyone thought was going to be a silly gimmick but actually turned out to exceptionally good fun, just received its first major content update and there’s a decent chunk of new features that have been stirred into the game. Firstly, two new quest types are available from BURG.L, the chirpy robot you discover in the game. Chipsleuth quests act as a kind of scavenger hunt around the backyard as you hunt for chips strewn about the place and Artificer quests task players with crafting new items. You’ll be rewarded with Raw Science upon completing either quest.


Further mechanical additions include a Perk system (it’s Obsidian Games, they have their habits). These function as small mutations to make life in the microverse easier to deal with and include upgrades like Grass Master, allowing players to cut down blades of grass faster and Buff Lungs which increases overall stamina. They’re 13 perks in total right now but expect more in the future.


Yet the coolest part of the updates is the inclusion of new NPCs. Firstly, water fleas can now be found in the flooded area and while they don’t do all that much they’re another decent source for food and meat. Now the bird, THE BIRD, is the literal biggest thing added to game so far. As it flies around it’ll drop feathers that can be used to craft loads of cool new items and when it lands…well, maybe don’t be close to it when it decides to touch down.

New recipes, craftable items and structures have also been added to the game so if you want to check out everything in detail, read over the Grounded patch notes and then jump into to find everything yourself. It’s a solid first step to delivering on one of the most unique survival games in recent memory.

Last Updated: August 27, 2020


  1. HairyEwok

    August 27, 2020 at 13:42

    The Bird….. the BIRD!!!


  2. MaSeKind

    August 27, 2020 at 14:04

    Saw the crow’s feather on the ground next to my base and then later that night the damn thing came and landed on one of those beam transmitter thingies. Almost regretted not wearing my brown pants.

    And next morning a wolf spider came out of nowhere and attacked my base and chowed on my face. Actually it first booty slammed me. Pants were proper brown after that. My first up close spider experience.


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