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Grounded’s latest update adds ziplines and Halloween cheer

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There’s something incredibly satisfying about watching a game take form in front of your very eyes. For some, that’s no doubt one of the appeals behind early access as you get to watch as a skeleton of an experience is built on and fleshed out until it’s finally ready to spook everyone come October. That’s my experience with Grounded, a game I always take some time to check out when I hear a new patch is rolling out. It’s still a little thin but once can see that Grounded is coming along swimming with each monthly update. This latest update might not add in a load of a new content but there are some cool new additions and spooky new skin to the game!

The biggest, and seemingly most fun addition to the game, comes in the form of buildable ziplines. You can plonk them down where ever you want and take a quick trip to wherever it takes you, I guess. It’s a zipline, you’ve played enough games to know how that whole thing works, right? The Hedge has also been redesigned so that it contains a hidden secret lab that’s “not-so-abandoned” according to the patch notes. Maybe it’s a person but it’s more likely to be a vicious spider or something along those lines.


There’s also a load of candy corn scattered about the place that can be harvested for food (as someone who isn’t American, I have no idea what candy corn is. A sweet, from what I’ve gathered in movies), a Jack-o-Lantern landmark and, coolest of all, an Etch-a-Sketch that you can actually draw on apparently. It’s a smaller update than last month but it sounds like there’s still more fun to be had in Grounded so I’m very excited to dip my toes back into the game.

Last Updated: October 1, 2020

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