GT6 Demo now available on the PlayStation 3

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The Gran Turismo series is a bit of a industry mocking tool. Not because the games aren’t good, in fact they are excellent, but because they consistently miss their deadlines by years.. literally.

When it was announced earlier this year that Gran Turismo 6 will be launching later this year I didn’t believe it, and I was not alone, but in a surprise turn of events a fully functional demo has now been released on the PSN store for you to download.

The demo only contains Silverstone for now and is being used for the European GT Academy which is an incredible opportunity that as far as I know we aren’t allowed to enter.

The full demo includes the following

  • A quick tutorial that includes tips and tricks on the controls and navigating around the track
  • Four warm-up races using two Nissan cars, the LEAF and 370Z
  • Five time trials on the Silverstone track driving the Nissan 370Z, four of which take place on various sections of the track, and one being the full lap. That one full lap time becomes the entry time for GT Academy. Enter as often as you like before 3:59pm Pacific Time on July 28th.

And they even released a video to make it more enticing.

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Which only leaves one question; Who on earth thought that disgusting soundtrack would be a good idea for a video? My poor ears.

Last Updated: July 3, 2013

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Hammersteyn

    The LEAF is crap!(see below) Feels like you are standing still. The 370Z is pretty fast though. I also adjusted my steering early on. The default setting feels very stiff.

    • Airborne

      Erm, nought bru… this is the Leaf Racing car… looks like a modded 370Z but is not. The Nissan Academy uses these in EU for their training.

      • Hammersteyn

        You drive the actual car I posted above, You can hear the little electric moaning.

  • Admiral Chief Groot Wors


    Oh man, thats like troll level 1000000000000 + 1


    Oooooh, I think I tore a stomach muscle with that one!

    • Scratchy

      About 2 years ago I entered a Nissan Leaf in the DoGaming FM4 and did pretty well exceptionally well with it. Don’t be so quick to judge

      • Admiral Chief Groot Wors

        Define “did pretty well exceptionally well”

        Instead of last came second last?

        But jokes aside, please explain:

        • Scratchy

          If memory serves, I spent most of the tourney in Group B and some time in Group A(which is where guys like Errie played) Groups were decided on your previous rounds performance, so Group A would be like 1st place, group B second, Group C 3rd etc. I came first in a number of the races I took part in and on short tracks, little could touch the Leaf. I’ll see if I can find some info

          • Admiral Chief Groot Wors

            Did the Leaf have a V6 Twin turbo instead of the silly electric engine?

          • Scratchy

            It did not, it also only had 1 gear, but it was quick as snot

  • Wtf101

    I will not play any racing game unless they include a souped up Chery QQ 3. Fank you very much

    • Matthew Holliday

      VW citi gold with an air filter and a Uno turbo or gtfo

      • Admiral Chief Groot Wors


        And I’m pretty sure all cars come with air filter….


        I assume you mean K&N Cone Filter?

        • Matthew Holliday

          Golf* soz, fixed
          and yeah, i just meant an aftermarket cone, noisy.

          • Admiral Chief Groot Wors


      • Wtf101

        You forgot the chromed dipstick…

  • FoxOneZA – X-Therminator

    Meh…Even NFS: Rivals is better 😛

  • ElimiNathan

    Lol Gavin shame did that hurt your ears ? Shame man

  • Admiral Chief Groot Wors

    Shit music? Check
    Absolutely NO gameplay shown? Check
    Marketing checks done.
    Release to public

    Blerrie muppets

  • Matthew Holliday

    As a playstation user, I completely agree.
    from the looks of it, the forza games entertainment level far exceeds GT.
    i wish forza was a playstation exclusive instead

  • Nick de Bruyne

    This demo is more about being a platform for the GT Academy trials, but on that same note… it looks like they are trying to go a bit more… interesting with some of their design choices and such, but theres still no denying that from what I have seen so far, GT still really needs to catch the game up to modern times. The handling and physics are world class, so there’s no reason to not put a little bit more ‘game’ into the game. Make it all a little more exciting.

    I was up late though putting in Silverstone times, still trying to wrap my head around this new SIlverstone layout. Gameplay is solid as hell though

    • Argentil

      I think the inclusion of B-Spec in GT5 was a great step forward. I think there is definite room for expansion there (as Turn10 have already picked up on that, and are running with Drivatar). The GT series echoes a lot of problems seen in Japanese game design. It’s very insular and oblivious.

  • Turd Furguson

    Hmmm, I wasn’t aware that one game coming out later than expected constituted ‘consistency’, when we’re talking a franchise with 6 (soon to be 7) iterations.

    • They consistently failed to release 5 😉

      • Turd Furguson

        I know I shouldn’t really have to point this out, but 1 game in a family of 6, doesn’t equal consistency (especially when a handheld version launched in the interim, and that we know PD had to scrap their legacy code and rebuild from scratch for the PS3). And maybe I’m wrong here, but it appears that fans of the franchise were fine with the wait, given GT5 moved over 10 million units, over 14 if you factor in the ‘demo’

        • Nick de Bruyne

          I don’t think that you can point out sales at all to indicate pretty much anything. If anything, the long wait and the entire hype surrounding the game did more to sell the game than deter anyone, aside from the obvious desperation of anyone who was used to having a GT game as a part of their Playstation experience.

          And also, it is fairly consistent, as you maybe forget that the handheld game released roughly what… 4-5 YEARS after it was supposed to? All the while GT5 was taking forever, and I also distinctly remember how antsy everyone got when GT4 took so very long to come out and all people had was that other edition, whats it called again… the one people call a glorified ‘demo’.

          So yeah its pretty consistent at this point to be honest. GT6 is actually the only one in recent… anything… to come out relatively quick. Well, that’s if it actually releases when it should lol.

  • CypherGate

    Why is it that when you take a turn in Gran Turismo it ALWAYS looks like the whole screen turns with the car instead of the car itself turning? Can someone explain that to me? I dont see that sorta thing on Forza or other racing games.

    • Nick de Bruyne

      Are you talking about the view behind the car? If you are, most racing games actually offer 2 external modes, one where the camera points exactly where the car is pointing, as you mentioned above, and another where the car itself points into corners and the camera just sorta follows it. GT doesnt give both options I think, but in their defence, their way is the only way that an outside view is capable of providing accuracy. Still, the option wouldnt hurt

      • CypherGate

        yes that’s exactly what I’m talking about. funny enough I find forzas camera a lot more comfortable. gt series got me feeling like it’s a boat effect. I’ll give gt some more driving time

        • Nick de Bruyne

          You can always do yourself a favour and try get used to the bumper cams etc, as they are the most accurate as you can see exactly where you are pointed. The Cockpit view even more so because then you can see where the car is aimed, as well as able to see where your steering wheel is aimed, which can be handy for counter steering, not to mention that cockpit view uses visual trickery to simulate the weight shifting in the car, so you can really feel where the load is.

          But… the outside views are the prettiest ;P It makes me jealous that I don’t use them sometimes

          • CypherGate

            I always play cockpit view for that specific reasons. The outside view is the prettiest cause you also get to see that stunning car you drive lol

  • lans

    Granturismo is the evergreen leaf of sim racing, It’s quite funny to see as time passes, how Gran turismo continues to stand strong and blossom, whereas the Forza series seems aimless, more arcadey more loud more showy. There could no better analogy than this to sum up the Forza vs GT5 debacle. Gran turismo 5 is like a Mercedes benz being driven by mika hakkinen whereas Forza series is like a beat up ford mustang driven by a teenager. Sure the fired up teen amazingly overtook kimi on the first turn but we all know how this ends, the kid crashes and burns and is unrecognisable to his parents after all the burning fire has consumed his face. Same for Forza, by the time forza 10 comes out it will be some arcade mangled mess. I know exactly what im getting with gran turismo. No one should ever dare compare gran turismo against competition like forza ever again. GT is now classless it cannot be touched. You either like it or you don’t. But never forget Gran turismo will be forever endearing enigmatic, pursuing the unattainable goal, whether your bitching whining screaming or NOT

    • Nick de Bruyne

      So… Quick lans authenticity test. If you really are lans, please tell me your full name and surname, which I do know, and if you know it, then I will know its actually you. Otherwise, go troll somewhere else. For bonus points, tell me your country of origin.

    • Lord Chaos

      GT is a substandard, lacklustre excuse for a game. I’d rather dive around in a pure standard LEAF then play GT

  • lans

    forza is awesome not only is it more arcade friendly, It boost’s people’s moral by making them feel like they are good at driving games, i love this game, it helps to train novice rookie drivers on how to navigate around arcade designed tracks. We need more educational games like this that teach people how car games work. Left right, accelerate, decelerate, brake, reverse. You need a game to teach people the core bones and basics of a racing sim. Forza is the best place to start for this kind of experience. Lord chaos i totally understand why you would prefer forza, it’s so obvious. i totally get you 😉

    • Lord Chaos

      I feel this might be your attempt at a dis? You clearly do not know me, for I cannot give a fuck for trolls or who thinks what.

      I prefer Forza for 2 things, firstly being that he AI actually kind of thinks, not just pure lazy coding of following the best line. Secondly, for a racing game the gfx is magnificent, not just a generic UI for every second car.

      As far as racing goes… I dare you to meet me at Kyalami, other than that, hope our bridge aint too cold this winter.

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