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GTA DLC: No new locations?

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If you were on our site yesterday, you would already know that we have finally received news on the GTA IV DLC that is on it’s way and it looks like Rockstar have taken quite an interesting approach to how they have chosen to handle it.

This is mainly because in the DLC you will no longer play as Niko Bellic, the usual hero of GTA IV. Nope, this time around you will thrown into the life of Johnny Klebitz, a member of the Lost biker gang that Niko runs into a couple of times in the original storyline.

The question I want to raise is… what about the new cities or locations that everyone was harping on about a while ago?

The new DLC will still take place in Liberty City and while I find the idea of jumping into a whole different character and story within the game, a lot of people have possibly already grown tired of seeing the sights and are ready for some new ones.

It may be possible that DLC that includes extra locations may still come in future but for now, whether you are Johnny or Niko, you are going to be sharing the same turf for a while to come at the very least.

The new DLC titles “Lost and Damned” will be available on February 17. No pricing had been given just yet.

Last Updated: November 21, 2008


  1. I thought a whole new city like San Andreas was going to be included.


  2. random gamer

    November 21, 2008 at 14:56

    There will be new weapons, vehicles and a new soundtrack but no mention of a new city. I doubt it though


  3. Milesh Bhana

    November 21, 2008 at 17:18

    i’m sure the next update will be something of that magnitude. MS can’t have paid them $10mil just for an extra story using existing content.


  4. eduard999

    January 20, 2009 at 11:18

    will there be achievements for the GTA IV Lost and Damned????????


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