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GTA IV – The Lost and Damned Announced

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Finally we have an answer about the GTA IV DLC that has been noticeable with it’s absence recently.

Rockstar has now announced the first DLC (which is exclusive to the 360) will be made available on the 17th of February and will be entitled The Lost and Damned.

If you recall The Lost was the name of the bikers gang and this DLC is going to be following the story of Johnny Klebitz, who is one of the members of this mythical gang.

Apparently Niko is only going to be playing a bit part in this game and this really opens up the idea of plenty of GTA IV content being released over time. With little or no reference made to the original story as time moves on.

Rockstar have effectively made themselves a city to play in and release stories, these stories are expected to cost under R200 and to be honest if sandbox gaming is your thing then this can only be good news for the future of the genre.

We’ll bring you more info as it becomes available.

Source: USAToday

Last Updated: November 20, 2008

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