GTA IV Winner Announced

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So for the last week we have been running a GTA IV competition where you were meant to recreate screenshots in a variety of ways and submit them for entries.

I had some fantastic entries and some not so good ones, there were some complaints about how the competition was run and we have listened to them. The next competition (that will be announced later) has taken this feedback into account and hopefully will meet with your approval…

The entries arrived in a steady flow through the week until yesterday, when it became apparent that Namibia wasn’t going to get GTA for a while. My (possibly only) Namibian reader then blasted my inbox with tons and tons of entries…

So without further delay lets put the entries through the online randomizer.


Congratulations Bobby…

Now I have to say I am quite chuffed about this, I wrote the first part and chose the top picture before randomizing… That is Bobby’s entry up there and Bobby is also the person who sent in tons of entries to the previous two comps and missed out.. This time he only sent in one entry (using himself so he got 3 entries) and his name came up in the top two places…

Last Updated: April 29, 2008

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