GTA: Online Spring update. Heists confirmed!

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It’s finally happening! Heists are confirmed in the next GTA:Online update!

It’s blowing up on the GTA Forums, and on the Rockstar Newswire, heists are confirmed in the next update along with many other improvements. In an effort to please absolutely everyone, Rockstar has announced a massive list of changes that really reflect the problems people have with GTA:Online.

Starting with the less exciting stuff, the unpopular Capture game mode has support for the content creator. Nice for the people who care, but it’s pretty dull compared to everything else. In more exciting news, the “High Life” update adds new apartments and clothes to buy, as well as a new weapon and three new cars. Even better is the ability to purchase multiple apartments and garages. This means the old limit of ten owned cars is no more! This makes me ecstatic since I have an unhealthy habit of collecting cars in GTA games.


The new cars are your standard affair of sports and super class cars. The Pegassi Zentrono (red), the Dewbauchee Massacro (Yellow), and the Dinka Thrust (not pictured, but it’s a bike) should have some people reaching for their virtual wallets. Especially the new bike, we need more super bikes!

Speaking of cars and racing and stuff, a huge problem with GTA:Online races is the prevalence of rammers and people who feel that braking is out of fashion. Rockstar has taken this on board by adding an option for ghost races by disabling collision between vehicles. As an avid racer, it’s great to finally see this be an option for those who would rather compare lap times then compare how quickly you can pit people at the start.

An interesting little addition is the “Mental State” player statistic. Not really sure how this is going to work, but it sounds interesting. Perhaps it’s an easier way to tell who’s a psychotic jerk on free roam trying to sticky bomb your car. The new gun pictured below is the Bullpup Rifle. It looks extremely powerful and I cannot wait to use it.


Rockstar also shared some changes that were based on player feedback. One of which was from the GTA stunting community, who lamented at the physics change to bikes in the air which made it impossible to perform stunts. So Rockstar is going back to the old physics, which is just awesome.

“In general, we are open to keeping unintended ‘glitches’ in the game if players enjoy them and they aren’t causing any negative impact to gameplay or fairness in any way.”

So popular glitches like the gate launch glitch will not be patched out. Again, I commend Rockstar for really listening to their players. There’s a bunch of other stuff on the official Newswire article to mention but I gotta say, they really did cover all the bases. Bring on this update and bring on the heists! Woo!

Last Updated: April 3, 2014

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