Data miners, as data miners are wont to do, have opened up GTA V’s code instead of actually playing the game like sensible people and found some references to future versions of the game people will be standing in queues to collect today.

Here’s what some pirates apparently found inside the code for the Xbox 360 version of the game, and put on pastebin (via dualshockers) for the world to see.


The PC mention is pretty straight forward, but if you were wondering what that “orbis” code is about, that was the PS4’s pre-announcement code-name. While this could just be general code from the engine laying about, it could also mean that yes, we’ll end up seeing shinier, next generation versions of GTA V.

I have very, very little doubt that the game will make its way to PC, at the very least, and I’d really quite enjoy a “next gen” console version as well. I really wouldn’t be surprised to se it happen; what’s more surprising is the lack of any mention of an Xbox One version of the game in the code.

Update: And here’s even more evidence pointing towards a PC release, as Amazon Germany has the game listed for a mere 59 Euros and ninety-nein cents on that platform. (Click to embiggen)

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Last Updated: September 16, 2013

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