GTA V looks much prettier in this PS4 comparison

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Sony briefly revealed that yes, Grand Theft Auto V was coming to new-gen platforms. At which point, everyone inside the Sony event lost their sh*t, something that I’d imagine was happening around the world at the exact same time. So how much prettier does the game actually look then? Here’s some video proof for those of you who want an HDier Trevor rampage.

Digital Foundry took the E3 trailer from last week and played it against similar footage found on the PS3 version. And at a glance, you can already see better water physics, more animals being a traffic hazard and some beautiful lighting effects on the PS4 version.

As much as I’m looking forward to GTA V on better platforms, I have no idea how Rockstar is going to sell it. Pretty much everyone in gaming bought the game when it was released. And besides slicker visuals and a video editing mode, the game is going to need more of a hook to convince people to buy it a second time.

Should be interesting to see how Rockstar addresses the problem of being perhaps too successful when it arrives on Xbox One and PC as well.

Last Updated: June 17, 2014

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