GTA4 gets zombies for Halloween

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It’s late October 2008, and that means at least a couple things — another Saw movie and lots of zombies. The World of WarCraft has already been overrun by the living dead, and now Grand Theft Auto 4 looks like it might be next on the list.

Joystiq is reporting that a post has been spotted on GTA4’s social club message board from the in-game Eugenics Inc., which warns of a “contagious disease.” Anybody who’s played Resident Evil or watched 28 Days Later can probably guess what that means.

Further strengthening the possibility of a zombie outbreak is that zombie art assets are already available for use in such an event. So fasten your seatbelt GTA4 fans, and don’t be surprised if brains start appearing on menus around Liberty City come Halloween. If it does, it can only be one thing… Awesome!

Last Updated: October 24, 2008

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